Apartment Building in Garapan – 2586

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Apartment Building in Garapan

Listing ID: 2586

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Garapan, Saipan


  • 664 meter2 lot
  • Lease expires on March 22, 2053

Sublease 8 unit 2 storey apartment, great location on middle road across Garapan Central park.
Business Revenue $2600 monthly, always 100% occupied.
9000 gal water tank to furnish 24 hr water to apartment.
Four 2 bedroom unit.
Four 1 bedroom unit, 1 unit 1000 sqft.
$40,000 down payment in 4 equal payments.
$2000 monthly lease payment from 1 to 60 months.
Zero payment from 61 to 348 months. ( 6 to 29 years)
29 years remaining lease.
Right of First Refusal option can be included in lease agreement.

Owner’s Responsibility:
-Pay monthly mortgage payment until August 2015.
-Pay fire, Typhoon, Earthquake and Liability Insurance until August 2015.
-Pay termite treatment until August 2015.

Lessee Responsibility

– Pay monthly lease payment of $2000 until August 2015
– Pay all utility expense
– Pay for trash collection , $70.00 a month.
– Pay for all maintenance cost of the building.
– No modification or renovations of building until after all downpayment paid in full.
– Deposit in (JYG) FHB account monthly lease payment of $2000 no later than 15th of each month.

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