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Real Estate has changed. Potential customers are starting their search for first and second homes almost exclusively on the Internet. Whether the prospective buyer is coming from off-island or on-island, they are investigating properties online first. How your property is displayed on the computer is critical. That?s why all of our listings are photographed by none other than Del Benson, the renowned professional photographer of Micronesia, using state of the art digital equipment and placed in a feature on our website. This will guarantee your property shows at its best. No more poorly lit and framed photographs that don?t do your home justice.

To list your property for sell or long-term lease with please provide us with the following:

1. Proof of ownership of the property. We ask you to provide proof of ownership only as a surety, so that we can recommend this property to our clients.

2. Surveyed map of the property. This allows us to provide current reliable facts about your land.

3. Signed Agreement. We will ask that you sign a listing agreement with us. This agreement clearly states the terms by which you will employ us to market your property. Please contact us for a copy of the listing agreement for your review.

4. Completed Property Detail Form: This form provides us with the information that we use to market your property.

5. Please also read our terms & conditions page.

To list your rental property with us please provide us with the following:

1. Photos of the property (interiors and exteriors)- this is essential to attracting interest in your property. This will be necessary, so we can begin marketing your property right away and will be used until we are able to arrange a professional photo shoot of your house.

2. Signed rental placement agreement. This clarifies the terms and conditions between us and our clients.

3. Completed property detail form. This provides us with the information we need to market your property.

We look forward to assisting you in finding prospective tenants or buyers for your property. Our ambition is to provide an honest and transparent service.房地产已经改变了。潜在客户开始他们的第一和第二个家,几乎全部在互联网上搜索。是否准买家来自岛外的岛屿上,他们正在调查属性联机第一。如何在电脑上显示你的财产,是至关重要的。 ?为什么我们所有的房源都没有比·本森,密克罗尼西亚著名的专业摄影师,使用最先进的数字设备的状态拍摄,摆在我们网站上的一个特点。这将保证你的属性显示在其最好的。没有更多的光线不足和诬陷的照片,不要做你的家司法。








1。物业(内部和外部)的照片 – 这是必不可少的,以吸引你的财产权益。这将是必要的,这样我们就可以马上开始销售你的财产将用于,直到我们能够安排你的房子的专业照片拍摄。




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